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Best Dumbbell Set for Home Gym India 2020

Topic – Best Dumbbell Set for Home Gym India 2020 | Buy On Amazon

Well, if you are gymfreek then having some of the basic home gym equipment at home can be really helpful. They can help you in saving money and time as well. With help of different home gym equipment, you can follow your workout schedule in the comfort of your house. You would not have to worry about being late to the office or for the class. So, here i give you a full guide regarding Best Dumbbell Set for Home Gym India 2020.

Dumbbells are one such basic thing that you must always have at your home. If you do not have a Dumbbells set at home then this is probably the right time to order one as you will be able to get multiple deals on the Dumbbell set in the market. But if you are a new in health and fitness and reading this dumbbell review then don’t worry, i will guide you regarding what are the best weights to buy for home gym. But if before you go out for purchasing the Dumbbells sets, you must go through a short buying guide as this will help you in making the right choice in terms of Dumbbell sets.

Here is the buying guide for a Dumbbell set.

Buying Guide for Dumbbell Set

  • Fixed vs Adjustable Dumbbell – There are basically two types of dumbbell available in the market and you can choose among the fixed weight dumbbell or the adjustable dumbbell. The adjustable dumbbell offers you a higher flexibility and you can simply increase the weight by changing the plates or adding the plates. You can also choose the material of the dumbbell according to the type of dumbbell you are buying like a dumbbell set stainless steel or a rubber PVC dumbbell set.
  • Multiple Set – If you are opting for the adjustable dumbbells then it would make a lot of sense to purchase some additional weight plates. Apart from this, if you want to buy the fixed weight dumbbell then you might want to choose a set of dumbbells with various different weight. However, the dumbbell set shown above is dumbbell set 2 x 10kg
  • Weight Range – The weight range should be chosen according to your strength and needs. Choose a dumbbell with a lesser weight range will be of no use and choosing the dumbbell set with a higher weight may damage your muscles. Choose the weight range as per your lifting capacity.

These were some of the points to be considered while buying the dumbbells and if you are still dicey about which dumbbell set to choose from then you must go through this list of best dumbbell set for home gym India 2020.

Best budget dumbbell set

Best Budget dumbbell set


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Solimo Neo prene 2.5 kg x 2

Full dumbbell set for home gym

Strauss adjustable hand grip

Strauss Moto Push Bar

Aurion Set of 2 PVC Dumbbell

Benefits of best weights to buy for home gym

  • One of the biggest benefit is that you can have a proper set of dumbbell of all weight sizes and and do your workout accordingly.
  • These adjustable dumbbells are not very expensive. You can add one easily to your home gym equipment.
  • Also carrying these dumbbells is an easy task. One can take in within his gym bag and go anywhere and workout according to his space and time.

Features of dumbbell set 2 x 10 kg

  • These dumbbell set 2 x 10 kg will be coated will be coated with stainless steel coating.
  • They’re built on the inside from iron or steel.
  • The coating is there to make the dumbbell soft and easy to hold.
  • They also come in different colors, as you can see from the post above.
  • Colorful dumbbells are popular among many customers, although others prefer the typical colors.

Advantages Of Using dumbbell set stainless steel

There are a lot of benefits of using dumbbells set stainless steel.

  • One is that they allow you to work on parts of your body that are weak. For example, many people who are right-handed have a left arm or left shoulder that’s weak. You can train your left arm/shoulder with a dumbbell, fixing the imbalance.
  • Another use of a dumbbell is efficiency and saving space of your room. They are certainly no barbells, which are longer and have bigger weight plates. You can easily store it in a dumbbell in a small space, and also use it in a small room or apartment.
  • Lastly, dumbbells cost less than workout machines or barbells, which is another advantage.

So, from the above detailed review of the best dumbbell set for home gym India 2020, one should must buy these dumbbell set 2 x 10 kg of stainless steel. These are the best weights to buy for home gym.


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