Symptoms of corona virus – Effect of Corona Virus on health and economy – Explained

Its been terribly drastic conditions now these days. The world is now facing a serious threat to humanity. Its said that “Nature takes its revenge back” and now this sentence seems to be true. In this article i will be giving recent updates of coronavirus and talking about effects of corona virus on health – symptoms of corona virus, cure and necessary precautions to be taken if you need to stay protected from this deadly virus. 

As of 25th March, 2020, Corona Virus has spread in more than 100 countries across the world. According to latest information if you are infected with this virus then, then some these questions must be troubling you :—

  • What are the symptoms of corona virus ?
  • How are these symptoms different from common cough and cold ?
  • What Corona Virus has effect on your health and daily routine ?
  • How easily it can spread and how fatal it can be ?
  • What are the DO’s and Dont’s ?

Corona Virus (COVID-19) starting from Wuhan, China. Today it has spread over more than 100 countries and there have been more than 19,09,180 cases and more than 1,09,744 deaths all around the world. Although more than 5,76,834 people recovered from this.

The scientists officially named this virus as SARS-CoV-2 as the structure of this virus is somewhat similar to SARS Virus which has spread in 2003 and the disease from this virus is caused is called COVID – 19. 

SARS Virus - effect of corona virus - symptoms
SARS Virus

Although our country India has been into 21 days lock-down situation in order to protect countrymen from this virus. Worldwide, all the schools, cinema halls, parks, malls, markets and other crowded places are been locked down in order to reduce spread.



According to the studies done on CHINA and Italy cases, the research has following symptoms which are explained under the graph :–

  • 88% cases were having Fever.
  • 67.7% cases were having Dry Cough.
  • 38.1% cases were having Fatigue.

That means if you are showing these three symptoms at the same time then you have a very high chance having infected with Coronavirus. The difference here is if you are having a common cold, you will be having running nose but in this case there is only 5% cases which were having COVID-19.

When comparing with flu, shortness of breath is a huge difference. If you are having trouble with taking breath then its a big symptom of COVID-19, and not of common cold or influenza.

Coronavirus symptoms explained on graph


The below chart explains COVID – 19 symptoms of corona virus compared to common conditions.

COVID -19 corona virus symptoms compared to common conditions


After examing the chart however, if you think you are showing some symptoms of corona virus , you must immediately contact your doctor.

The critical thing in this Corona Virus is that normally a person takes 5-6 days to show symptoms of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

  • How does the virus spread ?


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Symptoms of corona virus - Effect of Corona Virus on health and economy - Explained 1

According to the latest information, this virus is mainly spread by person to person contact. Another source is respiratory droplets. If an infected person sneezes or coughs, then the respiratory droplets come out and through this virus can also come out. Therefore, take care of your health and wear maks, i recommend these.

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Also you can wear some kind of summer gloves while going out these days.


  • Effect of Corona Virus on Health

Truely speaking, people are dying after infecting through this virus !!

But, Is this virus really so deadly ?? The answer is NO. In the studies it has been found that 80% of the persons died after infected through this virus if they were having the age of 60+ . In these cases, it is clear that these people were having very low body immunity.

While, as of now there is no health issues exist if you are infected and gets cured properly from this. It is not a long-term disease. While you have been infected with it you show symptoms as i stated above but after cure its totally fine but again you need to be more extra careful.

An interesting Whatsapp forward says these certain steps to take, have a look on the image below. My recommendation is to follow whats written in this whatsapp forward.

Corona virus precautions and symptoms


  • Importance of Social Distancing

Due to this virus, talks of social distancing are done today all around, that is you should avoid going out from your home untill and unless there is LOCKDOWN and when you are going out for any genuine reason, you should maintain distance from other people. (min. around 6-7 feet).  This protects you from getting infected.

I would like to give you an example, the below graphs are the representation of infected people before and after maintaining social distance. That’s why governments around the world are forcing people to stay at home.

Symptoms of corona virus - Effect of Corona Virus on health and economy - Explained 2

I would recommend to read this whole post by Washington Post where they have described the whole process through various simulations . Read this.

This process is ideally called flattening the curve, and this is the exact reason why COVID-19 became such a huge crises in Italy and China.

  • The step : JANTA CURFEW – India LOCKDOWN for 21 days

As a first and quick step, our government has announced JANTA CURFEW in which government is requesting people to stay back at home so that virus can’t spread further.

PM Modi news on Corona virus Janta Curfew

Even France and Italy are now charging fines on people who are coming out of their homes. Columbia is a country which has not reported a single case of corona virus uptil now but still they have declared quarantine in whole country.

It is said that the development of COVID – 19 Vaccine could take upto 1 year from now so from taking these kind of steps, we can reduce the spread of the virus.

Symptoms of corona virus - Effect of Corona Virus on health and economy - Explained 3

  • Effect on Economic Impact

Due to the Lockdown, people can’t work. There will be no trade happening in the world economy. This will have such a huge economic impact on the world economy which hasn’t been seen in the decades. Although government is promising to pay salary to the people who arn’t able to go to work.

The stock markets are crashing day by day. But India still can taste sweet in this situation also.

Read this whole article to see why Global Buyers are turning to India for Textiles, Ceramics and homeware.

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